Minimal Geometric


Minimal Geometric -  modern minimalist jewellery - bold sculptural // fine delicate  geometric  shapes.
All carefully hand-crafted crisp light geometric  hoop  earrings, antique-inspired beaded drop earrings ,  thin dainty stacking rings , geometric necklaces  inspired by ornaments and everyday adornment examples from classic antiquity in a contemporary  style.

Many of our  jewellery pieces incorporate a combination of two metals for an original contrast effect and a contemporary feel. The geometric elegant outlines are further accentuated by a juxtaposition of flattened and round, shiny and matte-polished surfaces. Each piece is hand-crafted as part of a small run and incorporates a specific motif within a variety of jewellery designs. The style is minimal with romantic undertones.

One source of inspiration for our work is  the concept of sacred geometry . When expressed in nature it may is showcased in the structure of cells, plants, crystals ... The concept was also applied in architecture, to the structure of for example temples and pyramids.

Another related idea of influence is that colour, form, sound have intrinsic power and meaning which when combined as in  the yantras in Hindu traditions may express various essential aspects of being. 

Historically these concepts might have been embodied in traditional symbols, geometric motifs and pattern arrangements - for example architectural ornaments, adornment, textiles and pottery embellishments. Such elements therefore exert a major influence on our designs and give a sense of connection to the past in a novel context.

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