All jewellery pieces are hand-crafted and/or made to order - this gives you the option to contact us for adjustments or maybe custom orders based on available designs. For example we would be  very happy to discuss bridal and bridesmaid jewellery design options which might entail creating a mini-run of similar or identical bracelets or necklaces or head adornment, brooch or tiaras. Please email us with ideas and describe your requirments so we can start working on your special made to order mini-collection / piece.

The jewellery we offer is hand-crafted why there will be some variations due to accent-hammering,  hand-shaping and finishing.

Some pieces have natural stone beads or crystals and stone tumbles incorporated into the design - they have naturally occurring  inclusions and colour or transparency variations depending on the angles they are viewed from. We try to take good photos to showcase the overall look of the piece and also describe the stones and colours with words. If you would like more information or additional pictures, do not hesitate to contact us via email - we will be happy to help.

To avoid misunderstanding or mistakes in choosing style,  size or length please read descriptions carefully, noting given dimensions, materials and colours. If you have additional questions concerning an item please contact us prior to purchasing.