Minimal Geometric

Essence | triangle + pentagon long geometric necklace , modern minimalist interlink style , lariat option

Essence -  long geometric necklace with interlocking triangle and pentagon shapes.  Modern minimalist jewellery  , original , elegant and versatile. Hand-made from raw gold tone jeweller's brass wire and mounted on a delicate raw brass chain. The triangle is open on one side so you clasp it onto the larger pentagon / polygon shape. This allows you to also wear this long necklace in a lariat style wrap, where you thread one shape through the other, letting the chain drop through... The chain is long enough to also double and wear as a layered necklace.

Brass gets attractively oxidised with time, which we think  adds to the beauty of the colour - but if you would prefer a uniformly lighter golden yellow then clean the necklace in a solution of white vinegar and salt on a monthly basis. After applying the mix with a cotton ball, which removes the oxidised layer, ensure to thoroughly rinse it under the tap and dry... 

polygon 3 cm x 3 cm
triangle  1 cm sides
chain length 85 cm

45 GBP