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Lunar | minimalist layering necklace | silver |

Lunar | minimalist layering necklace | silver |

Moon symbol - modern minimalist silver necklace - ceremonial contemporary jewellery ...  New Moon / Full Moon symbol , the pendant is an open circle outline of hammered silver  suspended in the center of a mid-length chain. At the opposite end , resting at the back of the neck is a smaller full circle which is its clasp. The fine dainty chain contrasts with the thicker hammered solid white strip of the silver wire . The metal is traditionally seen as having  affinity to the energetic essence of the Moon. Coupled with the crescent and full circle symbols to create a modern interpretation  of a ritual piece of jewellery ...

925 silver trace chain with very small closely knit links - dainty and delicate as well as strong
Hand-made hammered open circle diameter 2.5 cm , circle clasp diameter 1.2 cm 
Midi length  50 cm ( can be made to order shorter on request ... )
65 GBP