Minimal Geometric
Contemporary architectural necklace | triangle

Contemporary architectural necklace | triangle

Triangle - architectural minimalist geometric necklace - stark contrasts yet simple, delicate . Modern mixed metal necklace handcrafted  in golden brass and silver.   The focal angle pendant is suspended on a delicate silver chain to form an obtuse triangle. The shape is hand-crafted by cold forging and drilling. With a hand-made triangle clasp which secures onto a wire loop. You can slide the chain through the pendant to move the silver triangle clasp to the front next to the triangle outline. Alternatively, position the small triangle clasp to the front and the triangle at the back of your neck instead ... 

angle  textured pendant  
w 5 cm  h 0.8 cm is hand-made from 2 mm raw jeweller's brass or recycled solid 925 silver
total necklace / chain length 40 cm
solid 925 silver very fine closely linked trace chain and 0.4 mm 1 mm  2 mm wire

65 GBP