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Kundalini | delicate Serpent symbol necklace

Kundalini | delicate Serpent symbol necklace

Kundalini - serpent outline and triangle handmade brass necklace with lariat closure option. Neoclassical style delicate chain necklace in golden brass with a Labradorite accent bead. Antique-inspired design, dainty and elegant. A serpentine double s-shape outline pendant is accompanied by a small triangular clasp creating an asymmetrical effect when worn interlocked.  Alternatively you can  wear it  in a lariat style closure, dropping the serpent pendant  through the triangle and securing it at the desired level by wrapping around it a couple of times. 

hand-made hammered serpent 2cm x 1cm  triangle sides 0.8 cm 
pendants and wire raw yellow jeweller's brass
delicate faceted trace chain, gold plated jeweller's brass,  45 cm  total length 
3mm faceted Labradorite bead

55 GBP