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hexagon : minimalist modern silver bangle bracelet

hexagon : minimalist modern silver bangle bracelet

Polygon / hexagon minimalist silver bracelet, modern silver bangle. The irregular hexagon / polygon shape is left open so you can adjust and resize for a best fit. The end segments are left round, the rest is cold-forged and flattened , then rough-brushed for a contrasting matte look. Individually shaped from 2 mm solid 925 silver wire.

The hexagonal shape is irregular, with the wider parallel sides the longest , eg the medium size in photo has them at 4.3 cm) , then the four smaller side ones ranging in size 3 cm  - 3.5 cm.

The internal measurements of the medium bangle shown here are :
between the parallel 5.5 cm
between the angles furthest apart 7 cm

Combine with a second contrasting shape for a contemporary look, or go full out and get a whole stack for a bold statement look. We also make geometric bangles in golden brass (1.5mm at the moment) so why not combine the metals ...
75 GBP