Minimal Geometric
Interlock polygons : modern geometric  necklace

Interlock polygons : modern geometric necklace

Polygons - modern geometric minimalist necklace with  interlocking silver hexagon + brass pentagon. Simple elegant style , classic with a contemporary feel. The contrast of gold and silver creates a vibrant impression of warmth and glow. Hand-made from raw gold tone jeweller's brass wire and 925 silver,  mounted on a delicate 925 silver plain trace chain. The polygons are open  so you clasp one shape onto another. You can  also therefore wear this mid-length necklace in a lariat style wrap, where you thread one shape through the other, letting the chain drop through. If the size is right it can also be wrapped around the wrist 3 times worn as a chain bracelet...

golden brass pentagon   1 cm 
925 silver hexagon 1.5 cm
total chain length 50 cm
60 GBP