Minimal Geometric
Shakti | edgy layering necklace | energy symbol

Shakti | edgy layering necklace | energy symbol

Shakti triangle - v shape layering necklace - minimalist handmade jewellery -  geometric dainty chain necklace in mixed metal - silver and gold-tone brass.

The focal triangle shape hangs suspended onto thinner 925 silver chain 1/3 of the length with a gilded golden brass chain continuing for the rest of the length... The acute triangle with the point down represents the concept of Shakti / creative energy / vibration. Elegant and simple contemporary jewellery. You can wear this longer necklace as a choker if you link the open circle with the triangle to form an interlocking clasp.

hammered 1mm raw jeweller's brass wire for the triangle and circle
0.25 mm tiny plain trace 925 silver chain
gold-plated solid brass chain 0.4 mm diamond cut plain trace  
triangle  2.5 cm long sides
circle diameter 1 cm
full length chain approx 80 cm (longer or shorter can be made on request )

65 GBP