Minimal Geometric
Star | abstract sculptural silver necklace

Star | abstract sculptural silver necklace

Star | modern sculptural silver pendant , suspended centrally on a long delicate 925 silver  chain necklace. The silver wire  line traces out open triangular shapes in four turns to create a star-like structure. This geometric necklace with a unique sculptural pendant has a triangle clasp at the opposite end of the polyhedron , to enable you to wear it double, short. The triangle will then also become positioned in the center - over or under the star structure...  Contemporary architectural silver jewellery ...

0.25 mm links plain trace solid 925 silver chain total length 90 cm

3d star pendant  and triangle clasp  are made from 925 silver 1 mm round wire
star / polyhedron pendant  dimensions 1.5 x 1.2 cm
silver triangle clasp 1cm sides 

125 GBP